• Desk Job

    Back when I was driving Cambus there was a reroute to an alternate stop on Dubuque St. It was the end of summer and we had just gotten new buses. So I was driving along in a brand new bus for the first time and conversing with another driver who had just finished a shift. […]

  • If it Looks Like a Duck and Walks Like a Duck….

    Mayflower shuttle – Guy – diamond earrings, backwards sports cap, tennis shoes, baggy jeans. Girl – Northface, pink head band, blonde hair in a ponytail. Girl: “What did you do last night?” Guy: (in no particular order, I just heard these phrases) “Spoco, I don’t pay cover, Union, DC’s, I knew a guy, steins, hammered, […]

  • SICK

    Sorority girl talking on her phone REALLY LOUDLY: “I already told you I can’t! I have crabs!” No joke.

  • I Noticed

    A few years ago I was riding cambus and I overheard this conversation between two girls. I never forgot their exchange. Girl 1: So like if your boyfriend beat you – would you like still date him? Girl 2: Like totally not. Girl 1: (overcome with relief) Yeah me neither. (Nervously surveys the bus.) When […]

  • I Believe They are Called “Fawn”

    So as an ex-cambus employee i have heard many-a-great things come over the radio. when i became a dispatcher it heightened the possiblity of hearing such gems since i actually had to pay attention (sometimes) to the radio. one day, a driver calls into base as i’m dispatching Driver: Oakdale to base… Base (Me): Go […]

  • Like a Research Article?

    “….so then the TA was like: ‘you need to be writing like this is a research article’ and I’m all like ‘I thought I was’ and he was all like ‘It’s a little too conversational’. Ok….. Whatever THAT means…” Also, on the same bus ride a different girl was playing the game “Snake” on her […]