• Poor People

    This conversation was overheard as a man and his son were getting on a football charter at Hancher: Man: “Well you’d better get used to riding the bus son, it’s how us poor people do it.” Classic

  • How To Fix a Bus

    This was a conversation over the radio while I was driving bus one day. I don’t remember the specific routes. Driver 1: Bus 84 to Base Base: Go ahead. Driver 1: Bus 84, when I hit a good sized bump beeps. As in an alarm is going of but very shortly and only if I […]

  • Cambus + Gonad Humour

    While working a clean up shift a couple weeks ago, myself and another guy working were discussing uses of having digital signboards to pass the time. It started off with making creative, funny banners. Eventually, we worked our way to having full conversations between buses via signboards. The conversation abruptly ended when one of us […]

  • Mirror + Truck = Many Smaller Mirrors

    Last Friday a Red Route lost its passenger-side mirror on the Burlington bridge. I was driving interdorm, leaving Slater, when I heard the incident being reported over the radio. In the dispatcher’s response she said that the backup would be sent to retrieve the mirror, “… and hopefully it’s still intact.” Not five seconds after […]

  • The Reason I Created This Site

    Yesterday on the Red Route from Music West to the Pentacrest I witnessed a pair of girls that were the epitome of why I created this site. It seemed that the two were riding the Cambus to scout for apartments. They would take note of pretty much every building that we passed and made commentary […]

  • Sorority Girls and their Genealogy

    I was riding the Blue Route the other day and was quite confused on all aspects of this conversation. Sorority girl 1 – “Hi, my name is Brittney. Can you guess my middle name?” Girl 2 – “Uhhh….is it Mary?” Girl 1 – “No! It’s Elizabeth. I guess that is close….it is a Jesus-like name.”