The Reason I Created This Site

Yesterday on the Red Route from Music West to the Pentacrest I witnessed a pair of girls that were the epitome of why I created this site. It seemed that the two were riding the Cambus to scout for apartments. They would take note of pretty much every building that we passed and made commentary on it. There were some gems in there.

#1: Directed at the apartments across the street from Music West/Art Museum. These apartments were flooded in the June 2008 flood, were fully renovated, and are now for lease.
Girl #1: “What about those apartments?”
Girl #2: Gets close to the window and squints eyes, “It doesn’t look like there is any interior paint. I can’t live there.”

My thoughts: Wow! Great vision! You can analyze the interior paint job from across the street, through tinted windows, on a dark, gloomy day. Impressive!

#2: Passing Levitt Center:
Girl #1: “What is that huge thing in the window?!”
Girl #2: “I don’t know, but it looks really cool! Too bad we can’t live there.”

My thoughts: You two are genii. That’s modern art. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

#3: On Dubuque Street. I don’t remember any specific phrases, but the two made commentary on each and every fraternity and sorority house as if they were apartments and which ones they would prefer to live in and how do you apply to live there, etc.

My thoughts: This is getting good…

#4. On the corner of Clinton and Market Street. There is an apartment complex called Clin-Mar Apartments. We were stopped at the light there.
Girl #1: “Kline-Mare? Whatever that means? Why is it called Kline-Mare?”
Girl #2: “It doesn’t look like they have a pool or anything.”
Girl #1: “It’s close to campus though, so I am going to write this one down anyways.”

My thoughts: Does it make me seem more stupid that I go to the same university as these two? Do these two individuals discredit my degree?!

#5. Pentacrest – Across the street from Iowa Book (a one of a kind bookstore….).
Girl #1: “Whoa! That store is so huge! I totally want to go there sometime, but not tonight.”
Girl #2: “Yeah, I heard there is ever a basement there!”
Girl #1: “Really?!!?”

My thoughts: Get off the Cambus and just go into the store. I promise that your mind will be un-blown.






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