How To Fix a Bus

This was a conversation over the radio while I was driving bus one day. I don’t remember the specific routes.

Driver 1: Bus 84 to Base
Base: Go ahead.
Driver 1: Bus 84, when I hit a good sized bump beeps. As in an alarm is going of but very shortly and only if I hit a good sized bump.
Base: Okay I will see if it’s written up.
Driver 2: Base if it’s bus 84, then it’s been doing that for a long time. It’s a “door ajar” alarm from the overhead circuit breaker box that only goes off on a good sized bump.
Base: Do you know how to make it stop?
Driver 2: No, I tried tightening the door and it didn’t work then.
Driver 3: I vote we take it out back a put it out of its misery.
Base: No, we can’t do that.
Driver 1: I agree with that idea. Can we shoot it?
Driver 2: I second that. Motion agreed and seconded. Can the motion carry?
Driver 1: Yeah, I think the motion carries. We’re going to shoot it Base.
Base: No.

…So much for Democracy, and working buses.






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