My First Day on the Job

It was my first day on the job. I was in training, in fact, this was my first day of training. It was the summer of 2007. The sky was partly cloudy, though it looked like it could rain. I got on the bus and sat in the driver’s seat. It was a little intimidating. Think about it, you are one person controlling 20,000+ lbs of metal as it travels at what can seem to a new driver as a blistering 25 mph. I sat on the bus and I drove. I wasn’t the only one though, there was another trainee doing his first day of training as well. As I pull up the IMU stop it starts to rain. Not much, just a sprinkle. My trainer tells me, “You know, we aren’t really supposed to let you guys drive when it starts to rain. But it’s light enough right now where I think you’re going to be fine.” As we pull up to Macbride hall, we hear something over the radio that affirms why this rule regarding rain and trainees was in place to begin with. Mind you we have traveled a mere one-hundred yards from when he said those words until we heard this over the radio.

Trainer- Trainer to base.
Base- Go ahead.
Trainer- We just got in an accident.
Base- What’s your location?
Trainer- Park Road Bridge

Now, this might not seem like much of a big deal. I mean lets face it. It was the kid’s first day. Maybe he hit a light pole, Maybe he took a turn too wide, or maybe even another car hit him. However, none of these were the case. When we drove by the rain had already stopped. It seemed as though that little rain cloud was destined just for him. When we drove by we saw the accident. This trainee, in an attempt to make a right hand turn onto the bridge, had managed to lose control of his bus in the rain, hop the median, and t-bone a car. He then continued forward knocking part of the bridge-railing into the water and nearly sending the bus in for good measure. When he got to the cambus office he quit immediately.






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