I was riding the red route and we stopped at the Pentacrest to let aboard a group full of new passengers. Two bros go to the back of the bus and begin to chat, like bros. Then comes a nerdy, graduate program geek with athletic sunglasses on. He sits down next to them.

Bro 1: I want to just throw a piece of paper at someone on the bus, wouldn’t that be cool?
Bro 2: Yeah that would be funny!
Geek : I wouldn’t advise that, there might be people like me who are crazy and might do something about it. (Trying to sound intimidating) . . . .(Not working)
Bro 1 : Well I would try to hit a girl.
Bro 2: Yeah it would be like a ice breaker. (Hi Fives commence)
Geek : Then one day you wake up skinless in a bowl of salsa.
Bro 1: At least you would taste good.
Geek : Yeah, I guess you’re right there.
Bro 2: I like salsa, with chips.
Bro 1: Yeah.






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