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  • Dating Sense

    said waaaay too fast and waay too loud by a girl to her friend, both wearing ugg boots and leggings: “soooo___________, the guy of my dreams, just asked me out last night (which is aaaaaaahhhhmazing), but I was thinking, and I noticed that he always gets whatever girl he wants. Do you think I should […]

  • Early Registration

    I was on a Red Route on Thursday and two guys were talking to a girl about registering for classes. She had already gotten to register “Because I’m black,” she said, “that’s seriously the only reason.” One of her guy friends groans and said, ‘Oh man, I need to get more black friends so they […]

  • Overheard

    I was riding the red route and we stopped at the Pentacrest to let aboard a group full of new passengers. Two bros go to the back of the bus and begin to chat, like bros. Then comes a nerdy, graduate program geek with athletic sunglasses on. He sits down next to them. Bro 1: […]

  • Phallic Breast Cancer Ad

    What’s with the smiling banana?! Isn’t this about breast cancer? I guess sex sells, even with an ad like this.

  • My First Day on the Job

    It was my first day on the job. I was in training, in fact, this was my first day of training. It was the summer of 2007. The sky was partly cloudy, though it looked like it could rain. I got on the bus and sat in the driver’s seat. It was a little intimidating. […]